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Dr. Amy Bandy: Breast Reduction

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Dr. Amy Bandy is a breast reduction plastic surgeon, serving additional locations Irvine, California and Yorba Linda, California.

Dr Amy Bandy states that “breast reduction is typically performed for a variety of reasons. It can be performed strictly for cosmetic reasons to make the breast more small or more pleasing shape, or it can be done for medical reasons for when patient has excessively heavy and large breasts that create neck pain or back pain, shoulder pain or headaches.” Dr. Bandy goes on to say that ” it can be quite disturbing to patients daily functions such as inability to exercise or move properly and can create problems in the patient’s ability to effectively work and concentrate at school because of the weight and heaviness and pain of the breast.”

In addition, Dr. Amy Bandy states that “breast reduction can be done through a variety of incisions similar to the same incisions done for breasts lifts and through these variety of incisions, the breast can be reduced.” Dr. Amy Bandy describes that “the breast can be reduced strictly through liposuction when the amount of Breast reduction of the breast is minimum (perhaps 1 to 1and1/2 cup size down).” ”However, the ability to maintain a uplifted breast is not as well controlled through liposuction as it is through surgical excision surgery,” says Dr. Amy Bandy. Moreover, Dr Amy Bandy explains that “the incisions can be strictly around the areola where there is just a circular incision on the nipple areola complex and versus what’s called a lollipop incision which around the areola and straight down in a vertical fashion or the wise pattern or key hole incision which is around the areola down vertically and into the inframammory fold.”

“Through the incision, the decision by the surgeon to maintain a petechial or vascular supply to the breast can be done through either a superior petechial, a medial petechial, or an inferior petechial that the blood supply of the breast needs to be maintained,” says Dr. Amy Bandy. Dr. Bandy goes on to say that “the amount of breast removed is discussed in detail with the patient prior to surgery so that the surgeon and patient have a good idea of what the patient’s final post op desire is.” Lastly, Dr. Amy Bandy says that “the surgery itself is performed under a general anesthesia and can be done on an outpatient basis and the patient can return to work as often times as soon as a few days. The surgery is not a painful recovery.”

It is important to note says Dr. Amy Bandy that “however, the patient does need to minimize post op activity, any heavy lifting, or over head lifting for a minimum of two weeks to minimize any complications such as post-operative bleeding.” For more information about Dr. Amy T Bandy and her breast reduction procedure, please contact her office for a free cosmetic surgery consultation now.

Breast Reduction surgery is one of the most gratifying surgeries for women with large breasts. Thousands of breast reduction surgeries are performed every year, and the majority of women having the surgery are extremely satisfied with their results. Most women considering this procedure complain not only of large breasts, but many suffer from shoulder and neck pain, back pain and shoulder grooving from the weight of the bra straps on their shoulders. Some women continue to suffer with persistant rashes under their breasts and have a difficult time finding the right fitting bra. Many young women have problems with physical activities due to breast pain or simply their breasts getting in the way during exercise. Despite weight loss in overweight women, the breasts will often be resistant to size change. When a patient is being evaluated for breast reduction surgery, Dr. Bandy will begin with a physical exam of the breasts, and with a consultation where the patient can describe what symptoms they are having, and what results they are looking for. A medical history will be taken, and a discussion with the patient about the surgery itself and the expected results will then take place. Most women are looking for a size change of 2 or more cup sizes, but some women choose to reduce the size of their breasts 1 cup size. Dr. Bandy will be able to guide you as to what is a realistic expectation and where the surgical incisions will be.

There are a few different approaches to breast reduction surgery. Depending on the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed, the incision sites will vary. An example of incision sites are the “lollipop” or vertical incision and the Weiss Pattern or “anchor” incision. The amount of drooping of the breasts as well as the size reduction necessary to obtain the anticipated results will help guide which surgical approach that Dr. Bandy will recommend for each patient. After the incisions are made, the breast tissue is removed, sparing an area of breast tissue where the nipple areola complex is still attached to the surrounding blood supply. This is called a “pedicle”. The skin and surrounding tissues are then folded and shaped to the new breast mound. The pedicle can be based on the blood supply either superior, inferior, medial or lateral. Another method of breast reduction offering minimal scarring is liposuction, however this is reserved for fatty breasts that do not have much drooping, and where a significant amount of breast tissue is not needed to be removed. Some of the risks of this surgery are the possible loss of nipple sensation, the possible inability to successfully breast feed, and wound healing problems. However, some women will have better sensation to their nipples, from taking the tension off of the nerve to the nipple.

The benefits of breast reduction surgery can be seen and felt sometimes as soon as the day of surgery. The added bonus of breast reduction surgery is that the breasts are also lifted and have a more youthful appearance. Most women, when asked, will tell you that their only regret is that they did not do it sooner!

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